Personal Training


 Colin started down the path of fitness about 14 years ago as a competitive Kickboxing athlete. Over the years he transitioned into more of a coaching position and then renewed his passion for fitness through personal training. Colin has been working in the industry for three years now with some of the best coaches and trainers in Canada. Colin is looking to bring this sort of expertise and level of development to Medicine Hat.

Colins training style comes from a very foundational perspective. If the foundation of movement; this being the muscles and joins are not working well together movement quality and lifestyle quality will be not be optimal. Colin has a keen eye for being able to spot and correct all the little things to help make you better. This means better results in a shorter time whether your goals are fat loss, rehabilitation, sports performance or just being more fit.

Some of Colin's continuing education and certificates are: PTA Training Certification, Fascial Stretch Therapy Essentials, Hypertrophy Academy Certification, Kettle Bell 101/201, Olympic Lifting, Life Coaching Certification, Nutrition 101,201, Strength Training, Mobility and Energy Systems Development. 





Ally is head trainer and owner of Back Alley Fitness! Her fitness journey began in Calgary nearly 6 years ago when she was working reception at World Health and hired a personal trainer. Having been in martial arts since the age of 6 she was always active but was looking to shed some body fat and get stronger so she could be better at her sport. He ignited a passion for health and fitness and she has been involved ever since.

When Ally moved back to Medicine Hat 4 years ago she started teaching Cardio Kick, a group fitness class to keep the parents active while their kids were in martial arts classes, and has since expanded and opened a gym to house ALL of her classes and personal training clients!

Her certifications include PICIP Level 2 Strength Coach, Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist, Poliquin Group Biosignature Practitioner, Level 1 and 2 of the National Coaching Certification Program, and she has completed her Stretch to Win Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1. She also has certificates in mobility, strength training, energy systems development, nutrition, kettle bells, and Olympic Lifting. She is currently completing her Precision Nutrition Certification as well. Ally is always in pursuit of knowledge so that she can provide the best training for her clients possible! She specializes in clients who are looking to shed body fat, gain strength, tone up, or improve sport performance.