Good Livin'


How many of you have, at some point in your life, put something on your 'bucket list'? You know what I am talking about. It is that list of things we dream about doing, seeing, or being but put so high on a pedestal that it is out of immediate reach. Think about it. What is REALLY stopping you from going skydiving, writing a childrens book, or completing a triathlon. Time? Money? Perceived Inability? What is your go to excuse for not living the life you dream of. 

I am just as guilty of this behaviour as you are. Actually. Let me rephrase that. I was just as guilty. Over the past few years I have done an overhaul of how I perceive myself and what I can do. The conclusion I came to. I can do anything I damn well please. In that time I became the owner of two successful businesses that I truly love, earned my second degree black belt, competed and won at the world martial arts games, and went to stunt school. Now I don't know about you but that is what I consider bucket list worthy stuff. I have done a number of other things that were personal goals of mine but those are the big kahunas. And most of them were done in the past year which I consider a huge accomplishment. My most recent 'bucket list' task was completing the GORUCK Challenge this past weekend.

Now up until a friend of mine had mentioned it I had no idea what GORUCK was. So how could it have been a goal? Let me explain. I LOVE MOVIES! And I live for what I call 'movie moments'. Those perfect moments that are just so incredible and rare that there is no way they could be happening in real life. Like the Notebook style in the rain kiss from Ryan Gosling. FYI...still waiting Ryan. And one of my favorite movies is GI Jane. The one where Demi Moore becomes a test case for integration of females into military special operation training and service. In order for this to happen she must complete one of the most intense training programs known to man. SEAL CRT. So without spoiling the ending lets just say that every time I watch this film (which is often) I decide that I am going to become a Navy Seal or Marine or what have you. And this notion goes on for weeks. So you can imagine when I heard of the opportunity to complete a military style team training challenge I was all over that! Not only did I sign up. I paid for this. Well worth it in my opinion.

The challenge started at 1am on Friday night/ Saturday morning at public library. I prepped by taping 6 paver bricks together and putting them in a pack that I would carry through the entire 10 hour challenge. In the end I believe my pack ended up weighing about 35lbs. The first hour and a half consisted of bear crawling, crab crawling, low crawling, Indian running, pack passing, and then a series of physical training exercises in the bandshell at the train park. Then I became team leader.

Being team leader was terrifying because even though our cadre (challenge leader) was very soft spoken and nice I was sure it was the calm before the storm. So when he was explaining what our mission was that I had to relay to my team I am pretty sure all I did was nod and smile. At one point he said something about insurgents which I was pretty sure I knew the definition of but was too intimidated to ask. So I continued to nod and smile. Note to self: learn more military speak prior to military challenge. Our goal was to get to lions park kitchen where we would retrieve a downed satellite and extract it from enemy territory. So off we went. FYI. Downed satellite = a damn log! And when the cadre told me we had to get this log to Kin Coulee I am sure the look I gave him was less than enthusiastic. In fact the thoughts going through my head were 'are you kidding me. do you have a freaking clue how far kin coulee is from here you nutcase. or how heavy that log is? maybe you should go pick it up first and reevaluate the log drop off point because clearly you made a mistake'. He did not. In fact I am pretty sure he knew the trail system in Med Hat better than me and I have lived here for 18 years. He had been here maybe a day. Three and half hours later (my guess) we still had this damn log. We eventually made it to Kin Coulee where more physical training was to be had...not before we waded through the creek though. apparently bridges are the new national enemy. And for the record we have WAY more bridges than I ever realized and any city I relocate to will be based heavily on the number of bridges we capita. Anyways, bridges aside, next comes what I consider the best part of the day and the inspiration for this blog post.

Buddy carries up the Kin Coulee toboggan hill. Yep. 6 hours into this challenge and we had to get another human being from the bottom to the top. Actually two because we were in pairs. At this point I got the sense that my partner for this particular section was starting to get wore out so I offered to take the 190 lbs (my guess) guy while my partner took his pack. Hands down it was one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life but in my head it was one of those movie moments where the heroine is bruised and battered but overcomes the seemingly impossible through determination and inner strength. Insert ROCKY soundtrack here. It was epic and I was so high on adrenaline that nothing could stop me. Which came in handy cause we still had one more guy to carry...facepalm*. The events that followed were just as gruelling and difficult but I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I was GI Jane. Not that I would have been able to bust out a one arm pushup. That's next weeks goal...

The moral of this story is that we are all capable of doing so much more than we can even possibly comprehend if we set our minds to it and want it bad enough. The problem with 'bucket lists' is that we make these dreams or goals out to be impossible tasks. What makes them impossible is the perceived limitations we have. Money, time, your body fat percentage, or age have nothing to do with your ability to accomplish something. It is simply an excuse we use because we fear failure. If you don't try then you can't fail right? WRONG! You are failing right from the beginning simply by not trying. It doesn't matter how big the dream is! You can do it if you commit your body, mind, and soul to believing that everything is possible if you are willing to try.

So find a dream. And make it happen! Take your bucket list and make it a to do list. Time to start checking things off. I know what my next goal is. What is yours?

Class 564.