The Cost of Fitness


2015 is just around the corner! And who hasn't seen this motivational photo pop up once or twice?


I see the reflections of family and friends on the past year and the endless possibilities for the new one. As a fitness professional, the most common one I hear is the resolution to...

"... get healthy once and for all"
"... get back to the weight you were in high school, or college, or the 6 lbs 5 oz you were at birth"
"... eat better, give up red meat, go gluten free, or sugar free, or start a juice cleanse"
"... walk an hour every day, or maybe every other day, when it isn't cold...damn I live in Canada...time to move to Florida"
... finally lose that last 10 lbs. The same 10 lbs they have been talking about for the past 10 YEARS! Have they done it yet. Yeah maybe they did. And that sneaky 10 lbs came back. And brought 5 more with it! Wouldn't it be nice if our bank accounts accumulated interest the way our tush and tummy accumulates fat!
New Years is like feast time in the fitness world! I can see all of the gym owners, memberships sales staff, and personal trainers SALIVATING over the crop of fresh meat, credit card in hand, ready to finally "MAKE A CHANGE"! And they have just the deal that is going to make it happen. But what's the catch. Sure you get a great deal in January on the gym membership, or bootcamp, or personal training...but what about the rest of the year. Or the rest of your life for that matter! Does that 10 lbs really just come off and stay off...NO! At the end of the day there is no quick fix, there is no 8 week solution, there is no trick! At the end of the day you make the choice to make health and fitness a priority for life! But what is that lifetime commitment gonna cost? 


The average number of times a gym membership owner will go to the gym             2
Average monthly cost of a gym membership                                                                $58
Amount of gym membership money that goes to waste due to under utilization    $39  
Percent of people that have gym memberships that NEVER use them                        67%  

I believe Socrates hit the nail right on the head when he said:


When did the fitness industry get SO FAR from this perspective! When did the physical wellness, strength, and beauty of our bodies become something for the wealthy and elite. These are slightly exaggerated examples but are NOT FAR FROM THE TRUTH... 


"Want a gym membership? That will be $58 per month plus a $58 registration fee? But that is only if you commit for the next 2 years? Oh you may move...that's fine we have a great $98 per month option. And the registration fee jumped to $158. But you can quit anytime." 
"Oh that other gym is only $48 per month? Why is ours more? Well that is because ours has the shiniest, fanciest stuff inside of the shiniest fanciest room with mineral water straight from a mountain stream in you have access 28h per day...since you know you want to work out at 3:30 am." 
"Want some help reaching your fitness goals? We have all these great motivating classes that are super fun! And you want to do 2 days per week? Ok well that will be $75/month. But only if you do that 6pm class on Mon and Wed. Oh you want to do Thurs as well? $85/month. Oh but you want Thursday at 7pm? $95/month. But at that rate you might as well do our unlimited pass. Just $175/month! You can do any class at any time!" 
"But if you are really serious about that last 10 lbs you should really invest in personal training. We have this great trainer who took a 2 day weekend course about exercising. He even has a fancy certificate. All you have to do is remortgage your house and dip into your child's college fund. But that last 10 lbs will be GONE"
THAT IS GARBAGE! It pains me to see how many people invest hundreds and hundreds of dollars in fitness every year to be in the exact same spot next year. And the prices that have become standard in this industry are getting RIDICULOUS! Don't get me wrong...there is something to the idea that you get what you pay for. There is value in fitness, and as a personal trainer who spends thousands of dollars every year learning more, there is value in your investment. I believe there is value because I have paid it, I have experienced it, I have gotten the results. Investing in my health and fitness has CHANGED MY LIFE! The sad part is most people cannot tell the difference in VALUE from one place to the next and assume that if you pay more it is because it is better. Or if you pay less, they are worse. 

This concept is what guides us at Back Alley Fitness. It is the reason we try and offer high quality fitness programs that are RESULTS DRIVEN, SCHEDULE FLEXIBLE, and AFFORDABLE! We want to provide the BEST QUALITY, at the BEST PRICE, so that we can change the MOST LIVES and finally give people a NEW resolution in 2016!